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 Allegiance for EarthClan

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PostSubject: Allegiance for EarthClan   Allegiance for EarthClan EmptyWed Aug 31, 2011 9:03 pm

Earthstar- A dark brown, blue, and white patched tom with an intense dark green gaze.

Lioneyes- A light tan tom with thick dark tan fur around his neck, and deep brown eyes.

Medicine Cat-
Dawnwhisker- A light tan she-cat with a brown paws, muzzle, and tip of her tail, with blue-gray eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice-
Meadowbliss- A pure white she-cat with pale brown spots and gentle pale green eyes.


Foxtail- A strong rusty-red tom with a white tip of his tail, and bright green eyes.

Rockshade- A sturdy very dark gray tom with grayish blue eyes and a light gray nose.

Panthersoul- A muscular pitch black tom with soulful midnight blue eyes.

Sunheart- A large brilliantly golden tom with beautiful warm amber eyes.

Lynxclaw- A ruffle furred tom with black patches and brown eyes.

Gingerfall- A bright ginger she-cat with bright green eyes.

Ravensong- A black she-cat with long fur and blueish green eyes.

Cougarfang- A cougar-like tom with long fangs and silver eyes.

Forestshade- A tan tom with dark green eyes and short fur.

Poppyfrost- A slender, dappled, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, with blue eyes.

Pinepaw- A dark brown tom with luminous yellow eyes.

Reedpaw- A black tom with medium fur, dark green eyes, and long whiskers.

Rabbitpaw- A short haired ginger tom with amber eyes.

Adderpaw- A dappled black and brown tom with orange eyes.

Cloverpaw- A white and tan she-cat with pale amber eyes.

Shypaw- A beautiful dappled she-cat with striking green eyes.

Shadepaw- A gray she-cat with dark amber eyes.

Rainpaw- A light blue she-cat with watery dark blue eyes and soft short fur.

Snowfall- A pure white she-cat with icy blue eyes.

Tigerlily- A pale tan she-cat with a white tipped tail and sparkling green eyes.

Nightfrost- A pitch-black she-cat, but her fur gives off a blueish glow, and beautiful blue eyes.

Patchkit- A calico she-cat with pale yellow eyes.

Hawkkit- A red pelted tom with black stripes and green eyes.

Berrykit- A ginger and brown tom with a stumpy tail, and brown eyes.

Icekit- A pure white tom with icy blue eyes and pale blue paws.

Wildkit-A dark brown and black patched tom with dark blue eyes.

Wolfkit- A midnight black tom with dark gray patches and one green and one blue eye.

Marshkit-A dark brown, blue, and white patched tom with an intense dark green gaze.

Deadtooth- A dark brown tom with white and black stripes down his flank and green eyes.

Featherstorm- A feathery furred she-cat with black and brown stripes all over her pale tan body. She has dark yellow eyes.

Allegiance for EarthClan VuG9C

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Allegiance for EarthClan
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