This site is for all Warriors fans who like to make up their own characters and role-play or just chat with fellow fans! WARNING:ALL USERNAMES MUST BE ONE OF YOUR WARRIOR CHARACTER'S NAMES.
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Kit (Of 5moons)
Kit (Of 5moons)

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PostSubject: Silkstep <finished>   Silkstep <finished> EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 3:51 pm

Name: Silkstep

Gender: She-cat

Age: 25 moons

Clan: Starclan

Description: Silkstep is a white she-cat with spots of dark grey, she has a very lean and long frame and abnormally long claws. Silkstep has one light amber colored eye, and one blue, with a cream colored underbelly and a long tail.

Personality:Silkstep has always loved taking care of others, she was raised in a very loving environment and knew she had a knack for healing at a very young age. This she-cat is very loving to plants and animals and doesn't exactly like the idea of territories and battles, if there is a sick or wounded cat, she will help, no matter what clan they belong in. Silkstep is very loving and forgiving, she loves little kits but understands that as a medicine cat her responsibility is to put the clan first. Silkstep loves nature, but doesn't go out hunting much, she respects life too much that she can't even hunt without feeling guilty. Silkstep has a very gentle disposition but can also be very stern and she takes her role in the clan extremely seriously.

Mate/Crush: None

Kin: Mother: Willowbranch, Father: Robinpelt

Best Friend:None

History: Silkstep was raised by Willowbranch, and Robinpelt in Starclan. She has very loving parents. Although she had always wanted to have and raise her own kits she chose the path of medicine cat because of her magnetic attraction to healing. Silkstep was always a very social cat, and a very caring one as well. Silkstep and her parents have a very strong bond, her being their only kit and all. As a young kit Silkstep was blind, her parents prayed for her sight to return every night while sharing tongues, about two months into Silksteps life she began to see fuzzy shapes, soft colors, then her sight returned altogether. Silkstep has a very special sight, if she is walking through a forest she is able to see healing herbs where no cat would have thought to look, she is blessed. Born and raised in Starclan, Silkstep love her role and loves every other cat, she is a very hard worker and contributes enormously.

Secret Word:Shellheart
Silkstep <finished> L_SIP949259
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PostSubject: Re: Silkstep <finished>   Silkstep <finished> EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 3:55 pm

Accepted! Have fun, and welcome to StarClan!

Silkstep <finished> DUGlX

Silkstep <finished> PIcVQ

Silkstep <finished> UDsB5
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Silkstep <finished>
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