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 Swiftpaw <finished>

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Kit (Of 5moons)
Kit (Of 5moons)

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PostSubject: Swiftpaw <finished>   Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:10 pm

Name: Swiftpaw (Warrior name: Swiftclaw)

Gender: Tom

Age: 7 moons

Clan: Riverclan

Description: Swiftpaw is a petite male, he's a black, grey, and white tabby with a long tail and dark green eyes.

Personality: Swiftpaw is a squirrely little tom, he lacks discipline and is often in the middle of every instance of trouble. This petite tom has no regard for authority and only listens to a few cats, like Silvertooth, his mentor. Although he is such a nuisance he has a lot of love in his heart for the surrounding forest, his perfect day would consist of walking around the woods studying plants and just relaxing. Swiftpaw is a very social young cat and gets on a lot of others nerves.

Mate/Crush: None

Kin: Mother: Waterfall, Father: Rockshade

Best Friend: None

History: Swiftpaw was clan born, although his father was a member of Skyclan and his mother was of riverclan, his father did not want any kits so he was placed in Riverclan. Swiftpaws mother, Waterfall, died shortly after giving birth to him, along with four other kits, who were unfortunately still born. Swiftpaw was the runt of his litter but was a bit of a bully while growing up. Waterfalls sister, who was also nursing at that time, took Swiftpaw as her own. Swiftpaw was raised in Riverclan.

Secret Word:Shellheart

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PostSubject: Re: Swiftpaw <finished>   Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:12 pm

Great name! Approved!


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Swiftpaw <finished>
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